Eli Broad’s Jim McIntyre Goes After More Tax Dollars to Fund Broad Initiatives


Knoxville’s Branch Office of the Billionaire Boys Club has a new campaign to come up with $35,000,000 over the next five years to push forward the corporate reform agenda in East Tennessee.  Local Broadie, Supt. Jim McIntyre, has placed the first bug in the ear of Knox County taxpayers at a televised meeting at Fulton […]

Krash Course #4: Bizarro Robin Hood

In the DC Universe exists an opposite (of sorts) to Superman—Bizarro Superman. In the corporate education reform universe exists an opposite to Robin Hood—Bizarro Robin Hood. This opposite, the school choice advocate, lacks the irony and dark (and sometimes slapstick) humor of the comic book alternate universe because school choice Bizarro Robin Hoods steal from […]

Why Does Aljazeera Have Better Programming on U. S. Education than U. S. Media?

Monty Neill, Andrew Carnevale, and Bethany Little on testing and reform.  Why do we have to look to Aljazeera to get this kind of quality exchange on education??? Oh yes, I forgot, Education Nation is on Microsoft-NBC and brought to you by the University of Phoenix.

Diane Ravitch and the Pattern in the Rug

On June 5, 2012 FairTest will honor Diane Ravitch with the Deborah W. Meier Hero in Education Award at the Julia Richman Educational Complex, 317 East 67th St., New York City.  If Ravitch’s longtime nemesis, Gerald Bracey, were alive today, I think he would applaud this choice–or at least not protest it.  For even though […]

Seattle Educations has a great spread on #occupy the DOE in DC, including @unitedoptout #optoutreach

Here it is, check it out. Thanks folks!

How Corporate Ed Reform is Chipping Away at Democracy

An article in Dissent Magazine by Joanne Barkan explains why the current corporate education reform movement, is not only poisoning an entire generation of children and destroying democracy, but is making lots of greedy people very rich. The irony is that those who hold the power of the purse strings are accountable to no one. […]

Robichaux Calls Out La. Fascists, While Scott in Florida Pays Corporations to Privatize Schools

New Orleans has a defender of democracy in Orleans Parish School Board President, Thomas Robichaux.  Robichaux is clearly aware that as the public space recedes in these late days of casino capitalism, corporate fascism advances, and he is unafraid to say as much.  He is also keenly aware that for schools to be public, they […]

Former KIPP Student Remembers Humiliation and Culturally Unresponsive Pedagogy

A clip from the Lindsay Gary’s commentary at the Daily Cougar: . . . Of my graduating class at KIPP, I was one of about 20 black students in a mostly Hispanic population. Being the minority wasn’t easy, and some of the teachers at KIPP didn’t make it any easier. There are a few incidents […]

@schoolsmatter posts the full schedule for #Occupy the DOE in DC

Here it is. Come one thousand come all!!

Oh, have you heard, Occupy the DOE in DC this weekend? Huh… interesting, @unitedoptout #optoutreach

Here’s a little background information for you.

@johnkuhntx makes a passionate speech against #HST and how it’s ruined #education

I think John Kuhn, a district superintendent in Texas who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting during the SOS March, made perhaps one of the most passionate cases AGAINST test-based reforms that I have seen in recent memory. Here’s a good quote below, click here for the rest. This government has allowed state testing to […]

Guest Post: LAUSD Should Fund Schools in Need, Not District Offices


By David Lyell First published in the Huffington Post Dear LAUSD School Board Members, Superintendent Deasy, Secretary Duncan, and President Obama, We all want to provide the educational opportunities for children and our communities. Please help me receive clarity on the following: Instead of sending Title I, II, and III money to school sites, as […]

The Full Schedule for Occupy the DOE March 30-April 2

Be in DC this weekend!  But if you can’t, watch it all on LiveStream.   Details here. Occupy the DOE in DC, Friday, March 30th: Take Our Message to Capitol Hill10:00 a.m. Welcome Rally at the DOE!!!!  United Opt Out Administrators speak up:   Morna McDermott McNulty, Laurie Murphy,  Peggy Robertson, Tim Slekar and Ceresta Smith.  Why […]

Petrilli’s polemic against Alfie Kohn: Half-reactionary, half-mendacious

“What a teacher can do – all a teacher can do – is work with students to create a classroom culture, a climate, a curriculum that will nourish and sustain the fundamental inclinations that everyone starts out with…” — Alfie Kohn With a shameful broadside against the esteemed Alfie Kohn, Fordham’s Michael Petrilli demonstrates once more […]

Working the same with less in PA, no surprise there

How is it possible that schools are expected to level all social inequities, yet they must do so with constant reminder that their money is under perpetual attack? I don’t get it. Can someone explain it to me once they read this, via crooksandliars. And by the way, how is it possible that not ONE […]


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