How TARP Neatly Covered the Real Bailout from the Fed to the Banksters

Bloomberg News has a story this week that provides the details on the how the TARP provided cover for the Fed to dish $7 trillion to American banks.  Cenk Uygur offers the following explication of the article that runs about 12 minutes, along with a nice linkage to the outrage by the 99%.  A stunning […]

Misrepresenting Diane Ravitch

Sent to the New Republic, Nov 29, 2011 Contrary to Kevin Corey’s description (Dec 15, 2011, “The Dissenter,”) when Diane Ravitch discusses international test scores, she does not compare the best American schools to other countries’ average scores. Rather, she is citing analyses that consider the effects of poverty. The crucial finding is that middle-class […]

Got 4K? Start Teaching Today–in Texas

Online and for-profit teacher “preparation,” another innovative job creating strategy from the job creators who created Rick Perry.  A clip from the Hechinger Report: iteachTEXAS, begun in 2003, is the first for-profit, non-university based alternative certification program to expand across state lines, with the newly created iteachU.S. operating programs in Louisiana and Tennessee. Additional offshoots […]

UC Regents should really be ashamed

I don’t really comment much on higher education, but the Regents of the UC system should be ashamed and embarrassed: Before they left the small room, the regents voted unanimously to ask the state to increase the university’s funding for the 2012-13 fiscal year to $2.7 billion from $2.3 billion. The regents also approved salary […]

Deception 101 – Charter Schools: from co-location to astro-turf parent groups

[click here if you can’t hear this audio] Public School advocates Cheryl Ortega and Robert D. Skeels on KPFK’s Politics or Pedagogy with John Cromshow November 17, 2011. Posted on November 20, 2011 by #occupyLAUSD

Support the Paper, Support the Revolt

You don’t have to be from New York to support the effort: Support the Paper! Join the thousands of educators and concerned citizens across New York State and our country who support our efforts! Everyone is welcome to support the paper! Across New York State, there is growing concern about the direction being taken by […]

New York Principals Standing on Principle, Revolt

“It’s education by humiliation,” Mr. Kaplan said. “I’ve never seen teachers and principals so degraded.” NYC principals are standing up for teachers and to the state DOE and for the first time in history are finally revolting – a revolt that needs to take place and go viral all across the country. The lack of […]

The chronicles of opting out of #testing

The other half of At the Chalk Face the podcast, Tim Slekar, posted the first of what I think will be a semi-regular series on his experiences with an opt out movement in PA including more students and parents than he and his son. Should be interesting and I won’t keep my fingers crossed over […]

So much to write about, let’s start with the #nyprincipals

What used to be the vaunted “Long Island Principals,” the renamed New York Principals, because of their expanding support from principals everywhere, made the NYT this weekend with their resistance of evaluations based on tests scores. The trainers at these sessions, which are paid for by state and federal grants, have explained that they’re figuring […]

Tennessee Treasurer, David Lillard, Undercuts Local Decisions to Rein In Corporate Charter Schools

Following the blueprint from Gates and the other Business Roundtable education reform scammers, the Tennessee General Assembly passed laws last year that uncapped segregated corporate charter school expansion and opened the door to the fabulously-lucrative cyber school business, wherein underpaid adjunct teachers in their underwear monitor the “progress” of children working through stacks of 19th […]

A Look at Finnish Schools and Teacher Preparation

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has an excellent piece on the Finnish system, including the video that you see below.  As you watch the short video, listen for how the special education teacher in the poor Finnish school talks about the basic skills that all their children get–it’s a very different conception of what is “basic” when […]

Speaking expert to celebrity: Two calls for proposals

The age of communication that is upon us includes Twitter and Facebook, both of which are revolutionizing as well as merging the academic/scholarly world with the public and popular media. This is most apparent in the education reform debate. See below two CALLS for proposals (click titles for full information on each volume) to be […]

What Educational Accountability Still Needs


At right (click to enlarge) is a clip from an incisive piece of work by Haney and Raczek, 1994, p.88.

Naomi Wolfe on How the Feds and Oligarchs Teamed to Crush OWS

Wolfe, writing for the Guardian.  Read it and wonder why, not, why the NYTimes or WaPo did not want this story: US citizens of all political persuasions are still reeling from images of unparallelled police brutality in a coordinated crackdown against peaceful OWS protesters in cities across the nation this past week. An elderly woman […]

MSNBC: Leaning Forward for the Work Week and A Weekend in the Hole

From Monday thru Friday, MSNBC writers and hosts espouse a well-written version of anti-Fox mainstream messaging, with a reality-based lineup of liberals leaning forward to embrace the humane values and a sustainable multicultural pluriverse that offers a wholesome alternative to hate radio and TV.  However, when Progressive Queen Rachel signs off on Friday evening, the […]


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