Long Island Principals Oppose Teacher Evaluation Based on Value-Added Modeling

From Long Island Principals: Across Long Island, there is growing concern about the direction being taken by the New York State Education Department. In breathtaking speed, State Education officials have made sweeping changes to how our schools operate, how our teachers and principals are evaluated and how our students are assessed. As building principals, we […]

As the Stakes Rise, So Does the Cheating

From the NY Times: Complaints of tampering with the state Regents exams have ballooned since Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg took control of New York City’s schools, newly released data show, placing in stark relief the conflict between allowing teachers to grade their own students’ tests and raising the stakes on the results. As the city […]

#Schoolsmatter picked up on our #blogtalkradio show #atthechalkface

Good deal, thanks SchoolsMatter! And Tim and I will probably be doing a quick show tomorrow, so look for an announcement.

A little #snark in #Rhee’s direction

From the Washington Business Journal:   After five months on the market, [Rhee’s] five-bed, 3.5-bath house at 1439 Madison St. NW finally sold for $841,000, shy of the $875,000 she’d listed it for this spring and $855,000 she bought it for in 2007’s happier times. Maybe she needs more speaking engagements to make up for […]

Tata Pushing Rejected Right Wing Agenda

When the Resegregationist Gang of Five chose Michelle Rhee’s COO, Gen. Tony Tata, as superintendent of Wake County Schools, they could have have chosen a more loyal general to carry out the orders of the social antiquarians, John Birchers, and efficiency zealots who would like to return to an era of single gender schooling and […]

A quick word on #Gates and #education #reform

Two things dovetailed this morning. One, I saw Bill Gates on CBS’ This Week, didn’t talk too much about education. Two, saw a piece in my news feed from Eugene Weekly (never heard of it) that talks about reforming education reform. The Gates and Walmart foundations, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and other foundations headed by […]

#SOSmarch board elections

I’m running for the Save Our Schools board. You can check my profile out here, hit me up with a question or two. There’s a lot of great candidates up there, Deborah Meier, really? Yikes.

#Schoolsmatter asks an interesting question about #Rhee’s contract

The circulation of the Rhee speaking contract continues, although they chose a pretty ominous looking photo while simultaneously suggesting a bout of nausea. I didn’t go there, they did.

Michelle First


What costs $50,000 and makes you nauseous? Michelle Rhee’s speaking contract

Cutting Libraries in a Recession…

“Cutting Libraries in a Recession is like Cutting Hospitals in a Plague.” — Eleanor Crumblehulme HT/4LAKids

#Dailykos cites me again on #Rhee

DailyKos picks me up again regarding Rhee’s exorbitant speaking fees! Thanks! Although, I don’t want to be a one trick pony, so read my other stuff!

At the Chalk Face Blog Talk Radio!

Listen to internet radio with Chalk Face on Blog Talk Radio

#Education film trailer

I thought everyone out there would get a kick out of a trailer my students and I made in the genre of “savior teacher” a la Dangerous Minds or Freedom Writers.

Follow-up to #Rhee’s speaking engagements and major bank, big big bank

See that picture? What is it? Yes, it’s a ball park. And that’s that I’m going to give you today, a ball park assessment of the major bank that Rhee is pulling in as a result of her speaking gigs over the last year. Am I using mixed metaphors? And if you missed previous commentary […]

Tennessee Charter School Data Gives Good Reasons to Go Slow or Begin Backing Up


On Monday the Commercial Appeal in Memphis carried a story on efforts by local officials to take a deep breath and assess the charter school situation as these same officials work to create a Metro school system out of separate city and county systems.  This seems to be a reasonable proposal, but, of course, the […]


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