Christie Hogs Spotlight at a Very Friendly Harvard GSE

The same day that the Globe was telling the story of 50 Harvard doctoral students protesting the takeover of the Graduate School of Education by technocrats, economists, and other corporate water carriers for the Oligarchs, the School warmly welcomed the nation’s most morbidly obese bully governor to belch his rapacious poison against his own teachers, […]

Diane Ravitch on NPR’s Fresh Air

Listen or Download here. Interview Highlights On the Obama administration’s Race to the Top program “Race to the Top is an extension of No Child Left Behind. It contains all of the punitive features. It encourages states to have more charter schools. It said, when it invited proposals from states, that you needed to have […]

The new-new #INTASC #Standards

It’s interesting to see the new INTASC standards as I am currently reviewing student teaching portfolios using the “old” standards. Initially, standards are all well and good, but it depends on how they’re used. It’s great to have them out there as a guide, but when you begin making requirements out of them, hinging grades […]

Rick Snyder Targets 23 Michigan School Districts for Privatization

If you still know anyone who doubts that handing over our public schools to Wall Streetwalkers is a huge component of of the anti-democracy movement’s agenda in the U. S., send them this clip.  No, Jerry Bracey was not a prophet, he had a helluva sense of smell. Visit for breaking news, world news, […]

Harvard’s Ed Doctoral Students Protest Dumping of Social Justice Scholar

When Gary Orfield moved the Civil Rights Project from Harvard to UCLA, that move acknowledged a major shift that had been going on for a long time at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.  Simply put, Harvard’s GSE is more aligned today with William Bennett than Harvard alum, William James.  I congratulate the brave doctoral students […]

Weekend Readings

Bruce Baker has an important post about using free and reduced lunch measures in education studies.  Ed Fuller writes about the characteristics of students entering “high-performing” charter networks in Texas (KIPP, YES, IDEA). Bonus: he even follows Bruce’s advice (above) on disaggregating by free lunch and reduced lunch! Steve Hinnefeld covers the education happenings in Indiana in […]

On the Current Shame of the Nation: Donald Trump and His Supporters

Read the entire commentary here. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Against Evaluating Massachusetts Teachers Using Student Test Scores

I recently posted on the national push by the U. S. Chamber of Horrors put teacher evaluation by test score into every state, even the bluest states.  Corporate control is a post-partisan issue simply because the SCOTUS decision allowing unlimited political spending by corporations makes them necessary to any politician.  They own the game, and […]

Making Room for More Child Labor and Unregulated Voucher Schools

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New #Huffpo #education entry

Kind of, sort of a sillier one, but earnest nonetheless. 

#Pareto and the #plutocracy

Pareto says the following about “demagogic plutocracies”: Forms of government are not to be compared by reference to constitutions but to their operative practice. All are oligarchies. All govern by force and/or consent. But they differ from one another first by the relative proportions in which force and consent are utilized to maintain rule, and […]

#Pedagogy of #poverty

I could not agree more with this account of what it’s like to teach based on “results.” Although, I wonder: how “poor” do you have to be to get this kind of “education?” I think a lot of these methods are creeping up into middle-income schools. Perhaps resistance will only work when it reaches schools that […]

The New Voucher Reality, Brought to You by Those Who View Public Institutions as the New Red Menace

By Troutfishing at DailyKos (ht to Ken Bernstein):  “It’s being marketed as a solution to save public schools, but the big donors are tied to right-wing think tanks that openly advocate, and strategize, the end of public education.  How can vouchers improve public schools if the people mobilizing the movement intend to eradicate public education? […]

#Education’s #private parts

So, yeah, education has or will have some private parts. Hmm, in retrospect, a pretty back joke. Nevertheless, vouchers are looming large on the horizon in PA. I’ll leave the play by play to this fantastic analysis of the issue, in addition to the private money involved in the campaigns for vouchers. This goes back […]

Let the Green Charters Wither and the Chain Gangs Bloom

A clip from Michael Winerip’s latest, which focuses on the benefits of the well-connected corporate charterites of the Bloomberg dominion, where advantage goes to Wall Street, i. e., City Hall acolytes.  While progressive independent charters like Growing Up Green struggle to find space and pay rent, KIPP and the Moskowitz KIPP wannabes, with hundreds of […]


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