A response to Bill Gates

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Some back and forth on the #Bee #Eater

Who eats a bee, really? I think that story is BS, my opinion.  All right, more back and forth on the Whitmire biography on Rhee. To wit: Whitmire spent many hours visiting Washington D.C. public schools – something I have not done – and so it should count for something when he indicates that based […]

#BillGates and #education

I don’t know, much respect for Mr. Gates and all. How many billions have I made lately? Here’s an op-ed he wrote for the Washington Post today. When you need more achievement for less money, you have to change the way you spend. This year, the governors are launching “Complete to Compete,” a program to […]

A Suggestion: Dump Striving Readers, Give the Money to School Libraries in High Poverty Areas

A Suggestion: Dump Striving Readers, Give the Money to School Libraries in High Poverty Areas Stephen Krashen The House of Representatives has recommended cutting the Striving Readers program, a program aimed at adolescents. I think this is a good idea. Striving Readers costs 200 million per year, and has not produced impressive results. To get […]

Franken’s Boneheaded Push for More Testing

From Detroit Lakes-Online: “One of the things I think is a major change that we’re going to make is measuring growth,” Franken said. “What we need are tests that are used to help teachers teach.” Rather than one high-stakes test given in the spring, he said, he’d like to see a series of lower-stakes tests […]

They’d prefer not to…

So, apparently, in CO, you don’t have to take the state tests. Huh. That makes sense. I mean, if a kid asked you: will this test prevent me from graduating? Uh, well, no, not exactly. Think about it.

Get #wonks in the #classroom

I couldn’t agree more with Greg Michie here. And I made a similar challenge at HuffPo before that. I’ll take anyone as a shadow, anytime, anywhere.

Thank You, Wisconsin, For Carrying the Fire

This is what democracy looks like as people begin to reclaim what is theirs.

An attempt to manufacture a reading crisis in Wisconsin

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Corporate Full Court Press in Missouri: Teachers, Administrators, School Boards Fight Back

Corporate lobbyists, corporate foundation stooges, and ed industry bottom feeders are descending on state legislatures across America, trying to take advantage of shortfalls in public funds following the Heist of the Century by Wall Street banksters in 2008. Bare-knuckled tactics abound, pushing cheap vouchers, cheap charters, and cheap teaching, all under the control of corporate […]

Chris "Rush" Christie’s Corrupt Administration and the Taking of Citizen Hostages

The morbidly-obese Gov. Chris Christie loves to throw his weight around while demonstrating an utter disdain for the people who have dedicated their working lives to making New Jersey first in the nation as measured by the Nation’s Report Card, NAEP, an accomplishment that Christie’s previous Education Commissioner for NJ dismissed as irrelevant. After that […]

Gov. Scott Walker Reveals Devious Plans to "Koch Brother" and Makes Plans to Celebrate Victory on Koch’s Tab

Updated 11:15 pm  Today Scottie is surely wanting to be beamed up after being punk’d big time by a guy pretending to be David Koch, Scott Walker’s patron oligarch who provides the money for all the pro-Walker protesters, astroturf organizations, and the ads to demonize workers.  Not only do we find out that Walker has […]

Two Davids Have Goliath Reeling

The battle for public education is a huge front in the war to preserve the public space.  The war to preserve the public space is the war for democracy, for the public space is the only place that democracy can operate.  It does not operate in the corporate board rooms where oligarchs and their stooges […]

Three Koch Bros. Governors Back Off Union Eradication Plan

Mitch “Red Menace” Daniels’ announcement yesterday that he and his legislative goon squad would ease back is a sign that the wingnuts have overplayed their hand–or that Daniels and Co. can now proceed with the public school eradication plan while appearing as compromising moderates.  I suspect the latter. From FireDogLake: Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, responding […]

New #education #podcast episode on #itunes

So, yeah, about that. I finally made another episode. Going to shoot for once every two weeks, that’s more realistic. Maybe I’ll feel better about myself when I make a more manageable goal. Episode 16 is up and available for download on iTunes. You can also listen to it here directly.


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