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Indiana SBOE: Pushing the Privatization Fast Track

From the Journal Gazette: School takeover outline In a breathtaking assault on local school control, the GOP-controlled State Board of Education is set to adopt rules the day after Election Day that could hand operation of struggling schools to for-profit companies. Local taxpayers who footed the bill could find their investments handed over to charter […]

Responses to Bonnie Reiss, Calif Sec of Education

@font-face { font-family: “Times New Roman”; }@font-face { font-family: “Times-Roman”; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }table.MsoNormalTable { font-size: 10pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }span.yiv1987845505apple-style-span { }span.yshortcuts { }span.lc11 { }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Bonnie Reiss, California Secretary of Education, published a commentary in the Sacramento […]


I’ve never used Donorschoose and was not really aware of the debate regarding its attachment to the Waiting for Superman film. Some pretty tough language here.  I don’t quite know where I stand on this issue.  Even though I’m on the side of educators and not policymakers or hedge fund managers, it sounds like most […]

P of S

First, I really need to do a podcast, perhaps this weekend.  I apologize for lapsing on that.  But perhaps a new development will keep more honest along those lines.  I won’t reveal not just yet; don’t want to jinx it. In any case, anyone hear of this p of s?  Man, what a chunk of […]

Lancet Critiques Gates Foundation Again

The Lancet, a UK medical journal, recently released a series of papers on malaria elimination.  The Gates Foundation has been very active in the field, and The Lancet has questioned and criticized the foundation in the past.  Here’s their most recent dig at the foundation: The danger of the Gates call for a new era […]

The Corporate School to Corporate Prison Pipeline


Arizona is second only to California in the number of corporate charter schools and first in per capita enrollment.  Now with help from the private prison industry lawyers and lobbyists in passing Arizona’s “show me your papers” law,  the state is vying to become #1 in corporate prison population. No, this is not a joke. […]

Tony Geraci

I’m delighted to announce that Tony Geraci, head of efforts to reform the school lunch program in Baltimore City, will be coming to speak in my social studies methods course on the 16th of November. This should be great! You can listen to an interview with him here.

Legacy Admissions to Manhattan Preschools

That’s right–preferential admissions is not just for the Ivy Leagues, anymore.  Those trying to get 4 year-old Winthrop and Emily into exclusive Upper East Side preschools that do business with the Eugenics Records Office Educational Records Bureau sometimes get second chances, even though ERB offers a one-time-only intelligence test (most of the time).  It depends […]

Boston’s Charterizers on the Prowl, Pushing for Closure of Public Schools

Boston’s corporate education deform movement has been a study in contrasts to the fuming, snarling Michelle Rhee of DC fame and others of the public education bombardier wing.  The bombers of Boston act with the restraint of Harvard dons in contrast to Rhee and, let’s say, the super-sized governor of New Jersey.  Maybe it’s because […]

More Superlies from "Superman"

Posted by Valerie Strauss:By Caroline Grannan “Woodside is a great school.” — Emily Jones The movie “Waiting for Superman” tells the stories of five students around the country who are desperate to escape their “failing” public schools and get into the shining charters that are portrayed as their only chance of success – or at […]

Baltimore Teachers Union releases new contract

So, check it: Baltimore Teachers Union releases new contract – baltimoresun.com.  I consider all the budget woes we’re going through right now in higher education, this does not sound like a bad gig: an automatic two percent raise and a $1500 stipend?  I might not get another raise for three or so years, no COLA increases, […]

Bloomberg and Klein Now See No Need to Identify Minorities in NYC Schools


(Photo: AP) After building their corporate education reform agenda on years of phony numbers and lies (see also Enron, WorldCom, AIG, Goldman Sachs, etc.), the chief architect of the NYC fraud had to finally face the media cameras, at least for 20 minutes or so. So when it became clear to the world that the […]

Will Duncan Take His Own Departmental Statement on Bullying Seriously?

Back in February, Arne Duncan applauded the decision to fire every teacher at the only high school in the poorest city in Rhode Island.  Despite the fact that saner heads have since determined that the firing was unethical and unfair, Duncan said that officials were “showing courage and doing the right thing for kids.” When […]

Heavy reliance on test scores

Heavy reliance on test scores for teacher evaluation is misguided | A Statement on Education.


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