Value-added shouldn’t be used at all.

Sent to the Seattle Times, August 30. 2010Dan Goldhaber (“Getting ahead of the teacher-accountability curve,” August 29) points out some of the problems with using growth on standardized tests (value-added analyses) to measure teacher effectiveness. He points out that small differences may not be statistically significant and that factors other than the teacher influence test […]


Here’s more buzz on the new documentary on education, Waiting for Superman. The director’s last film, An Inconvenient Truth, pointed the national discussion towards global warming and climate change.  Inasmuch as I agree with many of the film’s conclusions, I think it backfired a bit and no longer captivates people as much as it did […]

Mindless Jay Mathews Declares DC Achievement Gap Mindless Measure

Yesterday: The D.C. mayoral race is deeply split on most issues, but everyone agrees on one thing: We must reduce the achievement gap between minority and white students. It is too bad, then, that that the gap is such a mindless measure of school progress. Obviously, Jay has joined other bold reformers such as the […]

Performance pay

Check out the following exchange on ABC about performance pay. Oh that Arnie Duncan, how will you fail our schools again? UPDATE: Ack, I can’t embed a flash player here. So, here’s the link instead and one to the transcript.

Imagine Schools: PR Spin Hides Ohio Failure; FL, AZ Schools in Trouble

This is a recent PR piece from the Imagine Schools: Three Imagine Community Schools Demonstrate Great Strides Another Year of Focused Academics Produces Stronger Results Aug 27, 2010 – Today, with the release of academic ratings for the 2009-2010 school year, the state of Ohio found significant academic improvement for three Imagine community schools. Imagine […]

Stupid 1 Integrity 0

As someone who’s investigated the reasons behind a lack of men in education, I’ve been somewhat skeptical of the this whole idea that men are falsely accused of inappropriate behavior with children.  I know it has happened, I know that I was told to never be alone with a student because I’m a male.  I […]

Value-added fever in Las Vegas

Value-added fever in Las VegasSent to the Las Vegas Review Journal, August 29, 2010 Value-added tests, championed by the Los Angeles Times, gives teachers high ratings if their students make gains on standardized tests, low ratings if they don’t. John Brummett thinks that those opposed to using value-added tests to measure teacher effectiveness are opposed […]

NOLA Regular Public Schools Outgain NOLA Charters Two to One


 The corporate charter school movement in New Orleans has cooked up a great deal of PR to coincide with the fifth anniversary of Katrina, and much of it has been swallowed and regurgitated by newspapers, blogs, and television news stories, all looking for something positive to write about in the continuing, sad saga of the […]

Tulane’s Cowen Institute Misleads the Media While Charters Get Their Butts Kicked by Regular Public Schools


 Last updated at 6:50 pm, August 29 The NOLA corporate ed reformers have set up an important shop within Tulane University.  Their outfit is called The Cowen Institute, and they produce some mighty fine glossy reports on the New Orleans school scene.  Part of their business is make the emerging charter system in New Orleans […]

More Evidence Against Using Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers

Last year it was the Division of Behavioral and Social Science from the National Academies of Science that wrote Arne Duncan a long, long letter waving the red flag on the Oligarchs’ idea of using test score gains to make high stakes judgments on teacher hiring and firing. (Look to the top right on this […]

D.C. Voters Poised to Send Historic Message to Oligarchs Who Manage Fenty/Rhee

Does it come as a surprise that the wealthy districts of DC are the only places where Fenty is polling ahead of Gray?  If your entire arrogant administration has been executed to serve power and privilege and to arrogantly throw a few crumbs elsewhere, could it not be predicted that the chickens would come home […]

Your opinion

To piggyback of my last post, here’s a quick poll for you: If you need more information, read the last post on the controversy.

Racist or stupid…


… or both?  That should be a new game, where you post pictures or read vignettes and decide if the individuals involved are racists or so abysmally stupid that you wonder how these persons manage to get dressed every morning.  I meant comment about this yesterday, as I am sure many have heard about it, […]

Rhee’s Hard Data or "Single Data Points" Depends on Whose Value Is Being Added

Just a few short weeks ago Michelle Rhee and her lawyers announced the firing of a whole bunch of tenured teachers based on first year evaluations under the new IMPACT “value-added” scheme that pays and punishes teachers based on student test scores.  From WaPo: Rhee, and like-minded leaders in other school districts, contends that the […]

Beck’s Crime Against Decency



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