Anger management institute

I’m attending the AAUP summer institute in San Diego right now, sitting in on one of the workshops. I learned a lot from the DC conference in June and I am glad to be affiliated with both the national organization and our small university chapter. Everyone’s very nice and gracious. A quick observation, though, and […]

In Detroit Schools News It’s Democracy 1, Oligarchs 0

How refreshing it is to see publicly elected officials responding to demands by the public.  From the Detroit News: DARREN A. NICHOLSThe Detroit News Detroit –The City Council voted 6-3 this afternoon against asking voters in November if they want to authorize mayoral control of the Detroit Public Schools. Dozens in the audience erupted in […]

Obama: Splitting the Difference Between "No Excuses" and "Yes You Can?"

Comments by Monty Neill: Comments on Obama’s talk to the Urban League, July 29, 2010 In this speech, Obama talks about having an “honest conversation.” Too often, however, his talk is simply not honest. This was a disturbing and angering talk, even if it was rather as expected. Here are some excerpts from the speech […]

Test us too!

Educators have complained that the standards and tests for reading and math narrow the focus of instruction to just these subjects. Diane Ravitch told us recently that the feds’ reaction to this complaint is simple: Test everything. The professional organizations seem to think this is a great idea. Twenty-one educational organizations are asking for “standards, […]

Episode 12

A new podcast episode is up, enjoy. EPISODE 12 JULY 27 2010

Performance please

A quick anecdote: I was at the MVA yesterday getting a new license and plates.  Out in front of an institution that everyone loves to hate, a man was posted with a bunch of political literature and, here’s the piece de resistance, a giant poster of the President with a Hitler mustache.  So I saunter […]

Bloomberg’s Lies Must Now Be Settled on the Backs of Children

In 2006 the New York State Department of Education, in collaboration with Bloomberg’s edu-goons in the City, decided amongst themselves to make it easier for New York children to pass the state test.  While this news was kept from the public, what did get publicized was Prince Mike’s sudden decision the same year to end […]

Improve education to eliminate poverty OR eliminate poverty to improve education?

My comment on “Duncan Outlines ‘Equity’ Agenda,” Ed Week blog by Mark Walsh (School Law). The Duncan formula is this: Improve education with rigorous standards and testing, and this will take care of poverty. But high levels of poverty make educational achievement impossible: The impact of hunger, toxic environments, lack of health care and lack […]

Michelle Rhee’s Teacher Evaluation System Deemed "Idiotic"

From Aaron Pallas, posting at Valerie Strauss’s blog at WaPo: . . . .There’s no polite way to say this: The procedures described in the DCPS IMPACT Guidebook for producing a value-added score are idiotic. These procedures warrant this harsh characterization because they make a preposterous assumption based on a misunderstanding of the properties of […]

Good Advice from FairTest

From FairTest: MEET WITH YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATORS IN AUGUST  TO OVERHAUL “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND”  For the past several months, Congressional committees have been quietly working to reauthorize federal requirements that mandate massive over-testing and the misuse of tests for major decisions about schools. As you know, the so-called “No Child Left Behind” […]

Civil Rights Groups Repudiate Obama-Duncan Education Plan

What can I say–some more that opposition that Arne claims there is none of.  From ColorLines yesterday: Today, a group of seven education and civil rights groups released a six-point plan for equitable and sustainable national education reform in this country. And, big surprise, the report is basically a 17-page repudiation of the Obama administration’s education reform […]

Cheers or jeers

My state of residence and employ is one of the 19 current finalists for Race to the Top, competing for a few billion dollars of federal funding.  Here are some of the proposed changes: To make the state more competitive for Race to the Top, Maryland has changed laws governing teacher tenure and evaluations, adopted […]

Broad Foundation Announces New CIO

From the PR Newswire: Marc A. Schwartz Named Chief Investment Officer of The Broad Foundations LOS ANGELES, July 27 /PRNewswire/ — The Broad Foundations announced today that Marc A. Schwartz has been named chief investment officer of its $3 billion portfolio, working closely with founder Eli Broad. He will start Aug. 9. Schwartz joins The […]

Pink slip


Ugh, now I don’t know what to think.  I was at first troubled by the firings in DC, then I read a more palliative perspective from the NYT that tried to see between the lines.  I also agree with eduwonk’s take on it here. I don’t really have much to add to the discussion because […]

WikiPeeks Offers Up Secret Draft of Duncan Speech Announcement

Secretary Duncan will speak at noon today to announce news regarding Race to the Top.  Schools Matter was able to acquire this earlier draft of ED’s announcement from WikiPeeks: The Quiet Coup RevolutionFrom journalists and educators to politicians and parents, there is a growing sense that a silent corporate overthrow quiet revolution is underway in […]


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