Day three

I’m not ready for a comprehensive reflection on the week. However, I will allude to the fact that I am learning an incredible deal about education and about myself as an educator, in just three days. Seriously. And, when I do a podcast on the topic this weekend, I want to emphasize that all teacher […]

Obama’s Charter Policy Built on "Sketchy Evidence"


Could it be more than coincidence that while Bill the Oligarch huddled with corporate charterites that a national study would be released showing the bankruptcy of the charter solution? The Christian Science Monitor’s caption for the AP photo: “Bill Gates shakes hands with Nelson Smith, President and CEO of National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, […]

New Research Finds Over-Subscribed Charter Schools with More Negative than Positive Effects


The “gold standard” for research that the corporate charter reformers like to point to involves comparisons of lottery winners and losers in charters that are over-subscribed, i.e., more student apply than are accepted.  These are the high flyers of the corporate charters, and the new study by the Feds compared lottery winners with lottery losers […]

Day two

Perhaps over the next four weeks this is going to turn into a reflection based set of oats regarding my experiences back in the elementary classroom. I’m a bit tired to say the least. But one more thing I’ve learned so far: no amount of supervision of pre-service teachers, no number of weekly seminars or […]

Jay Mathews wants more summer school: I suggest libraries

Summer school or an increased investment in public libraries?Sent to the Washington Post, June 28, 2010. Jay Mathews notes that that academic achievement declines for low-income students over the summer and concludes that “Summer school is a great tool, if only more students would use it” (June 28). The decline in reading achievement over the […]

Day one

Well, I began my teaching today of 14 very energetic students. More detail on this later because, honestly, I’m a little wiped out. And, this was only a half day. They’re all half days. The one thing I will state at this point is that I take what I do very personally. Well, in some […]

Cuts Coming to Portland (OR) Schools

From Carole Smith, Superintendent of the Portland Public Schools (OR): Central support and operations: $3.1 millionPPS central services and operations — including administration, finance and payroll, transportation, building maintenance and more — will cut spending on materials and services, as well as reduce staff by the equivalent of 25 full-time positions (or FTE). Special education […]

Rotten to the Common Core: When Will Parents and Teachers Revolt?

Below is a letter from Georgia teacher, Cindy Lutenbacher, reprinted from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  The Business Roundtable’s national standards movement is on Go, and coming along with it is the national testing movement, as announced last week, with two groups of corporate interests vying for control by leading two groups of governors by the nose […]

Mitch Daniels Wants Public Schools to Give Away Property to KIPP

If you think that that the apartheid charter chain gangss of KIPP, Inc. and the KIPP wannabes get special treatment by conservatives in search of a solution to the inevitable browning of America, you would be right, of course.  And even though KIPP, Inc. sits on a billion dollar empire with unlimited corporate foundation backing […]

How Segregation Cheats Learners

The 100 million dollar PR machine behind KIPP could almost make you forget that KIPPsters attend schools that are black enough to get a George Wallace seal of approval.  I came across the work of Scott Page again this evening, and when I checked, I had somehow forgotten to post this interview article in the […]

Moment of truth

I can’t say there are many university professors, in colleges of education at least, who go back into the classroom. I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever worked with who spent time in classrooms that was not research and observation, but actual teaching. I don’t expect to be granted a medal, or even given a […]

New KIPP Study Flawed

The preliminary findings of a new study of KIPP schools were released this week by Mathematica Policy Research, the company contracted by KIPP, Inc. to conduct this longitudinal examination of the KIPP’s effects on student test scores.  To no one’s surprise, these new finding show KIPP students have higher test scores than students from a […]

2 Million Workers Without Unemployment Benefit by July 3

Trillions for Wall Street.  Main Street?  Not so much. Hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers have already lost their unemployment insurance benefits as a result of Congress’ failure to approve a measure that would maintain extended benefits to the long-term unemployed.  EPI is tracking the number of affected workers and will provide regular updates.

KIPP service #2

I’ve posted about KIPP before. I still don’t know what to think about these schools.  A new report’s out, worth a read for any educator or university professor in education.  It’s preliminary, more work to be done.  It shows some good results, higher test scores in reading and math.  Something just doesn’t sit right, I […]

invest in libraries, not tests and standards

Invest in libraries, not standards and testsSent to the Washington Post, June 24, 2010Missing from “Libraries fading as school budget crisis deepens,” June 24, is the overwhelming and consistent evidence showing that school library quality and the presence of a credentialed librarian relate to reading achievement as well as to other measures of school success. […]


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