Repairing "Repairable Harm"

“Repairable Harm” (Olson, 2010) suggests that the solution to the problem of students who remain classified as English Learners for long periods of time consists, among other things, of more careful preparation on tests of their progress, careful tracking, and “rigorous” instruction that includes explicit and direct teaching of the vocabulary, grammar and text structure […]

I’m conflicted

Sorry for the lapse in posting yesterday; I was driving back to Indiana for a visit. Now that I’m here, the dust settled a bit and I can continue from the midwest. In my preparations for the day, I ran across this post about technology in the classroom. Go ahead, take a minute to read […]

preschool will be school in Kalamazoo

In Kalamazoo, preschool will be school Sent to the Detroit News, May 24, 2010 Kalamazoo is now putting more focus on literacy in preschool to prepare children for a more demanding kindergarten, which will include more instruction on reading, writing, science, history and math (“Kalamazoo schools create college culture,” May 24).Clearly, in Kalamazoo, preschool will […]

Noguera, The Nation Nail It

From Pedro Noguera, via The Nation: A New Vision of School Reform Pedro Noguera Before his election President Obama carved out what many regarded as a more progressive and enlightened position on education reform. Recognizing that No Child Left Behind (NCLB) had become widely unpopular because of its overemphasis on standardized tests, he declared, “Don’t […]

Jay P Greene Joins Bush "Think" Tank

Conservative propagandist Jay P Greene will join Sandy Kress at the George W. Bush Institute. Kress is currently a lobbyist for TFA, NCTQ, Wireless Generation, Pearson, Texas Charter School Assocation, and more. Greene, of course, is one of the major proponents of privatization and anti-public school rhetoric, much of it funded through the Wal-Mart family […]

$50 Million for CMOs

The Office of Innovation and Improvement (i3) recently announced $50 million in competitive funding for non-profit charter management organizations (CMOs). A few interesting tidbits: 1. Only non-profit CMOs are eligible. That would exempt Imagine (although they still claim to be a nonprofit), White Hat, etc. 2. Even if Imagine claims to be a non-profit, they […]

If a standard is bad…

…does anyone care? I came across this today about how social studies standards are pretty terrible even beyond the Texas border.  Sure, I agree with that to some extent.  But here’s the rub that the author did not get into: social studies is not being taught effectively anyway, so who cares or is listening if […]

Are we participants or just an audience?

A “conversation” with the Dept of Education: Are we participants or just an audience? I just participated in the “conversation” between members of the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) and the US Dept of Education. It was supposed to be a conversation, and we had interactive software set up. It wasn’t a conversation. […]

Education Cuts in Oregon?

From the Oregonian: Oregon revenue drops sharply, rips $563 million hole in state budget By Harry Esteve, The Oregonian May 25, 2010, 11:43AM SALEM — Oregon’s stubbornly bad economy has left a huge hole in the state budget, distressed lawmakers learned today — $563 million that must be cut from schools and other programs over […]

Attacking Colleges of Education

From Henry A. Giroux, via Truthout: Dumbing Down Teachers: Attacking Colleges of Education in the Name of Reform Tuesday 25 May 2010 by: Henry A. Giroux, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed As the Obama administration’s educational reform movement increasingly adopts the interests and values of a “free-market” culture, many students […]

Ravitch’s Top 10 Reasons for Refusing RTTT

From Bridging Differences, ht to Monty Neill: . . . . As I listened to teachers and principals, I concluded that states and districts should not participate in the Race to the Top. It might better be called the Race to Nowhere, or as some have dubbed it, the Race to the Trough or the […]

NYTimes Reports on Growing Charter School Corruption

A clip from NYTimes: . . .Charters, for example, are not specifically prohibited by state law from hiring their own board members or employees as consultants. While the state comptroller’s office — the government’s fiscal watchdog — can audit public schools, it is barred by a court ruling from examining charter schools. Before that court […]


Oh, just a few interesting education-related items I found in the last few minutes.  You know, I hate grading.  It’s one of my least favorite things about teaching.  But if I received a few of these answers every so often, I might enjoy it more. It would be hard for me not to give them […]

Episode 10

Enjoy episode 10.  In it I discuss top ten education reforms I’d like to see.  Again, you can subscribe for free on iTunes or Podcast Alley.  Just click the links on the sidebar. EPISODE 10 MAY 24 2010


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