Keep digging Arizona

A must read: Arizona is now discouraging teachers with thick accents from working with ESL students. First question: what’s wrong with people? Next question: you do know that an important part of working with ESL students is making connections to English using their native language? There’s nothing like good old-fashioned white racist hysteria to throw […]

Great video and message

I was talking to another student yesterday about a virtual field trip they could take with their fifth graders.  We bounced a bunch of ideas around and I then brought up the book One Well out of nowhere.  We talked about issues concerning water: access, sustainability, conservation, pollution, for example.  We started to look some […]

No more nukes

It’s good to see that some schools are responding to the disappearance of the nuclear family.  When I’ve been examining curriculum recently through a gendered lens, the overwhelming majority of issues that stuck out for me in the process dealt with the prominence of heteronormative relations, of the standard mom, dad, kids family structure.  Even […]


I saw this posted on my Facebook feed from a friend today about the superintendent of Rhode Island schools being named in Time’s 100 most influential people list.  I don’t know much about Rhode Island, but I do know that this tiny state was the site of so much controversy when the entire staff of […]

Deborah Gist the New Michelle Rhee?


Has Eli Broad found himself another front girl to replace the hapless and snarling Michelle Rhee as the face of corporate ed deform, one who this time around exhibits cheery charm and a sweet smile while sawing off the spurting limbs of public education? The signs are there, with corporate hack Amanda Ripley recruited to […]

Duncan To Find Another Texas Miracle Later Today, or Is That An Educational Derivative I Smell

The intrepid turner-arounder, Arne Duncan, will be in Houston today, the home of the first Texas Miracle that got all the edu-fun started 10 years ago when the miracle some years later turned to mirage as the media finally ferreted out the details of Rod Paige’s inspired (by Wall Street) leadership and phony numbers game. […]

Non-Profit, or For-Profit?

Dennis Bakke and his Imagine Schools management organization have responded to Stephanie Strom’s recent NY Times article with a letter posted on their website. As expected, Imagine denies any wrongdoing and accuses Strom of biased coverage. And, once again, Imagine denies they’re a for-profit company and – once again – claims they’re really, really close […]

Think Twice, or More, About Depending on Think Tank Research


Ideological bilges like the Manhattan Institute, Fordham Institute, Hoover Institute, Achieve, Inc., and the Walmart-sponsored group at the University of Arkansas under the tutelage of Dean Jay Greene have been pumping out their sludge for years as research to support education policy decisions that were already made by ideologues long before any research data was […]

Foundation $$$ + i3 = ???

From its very beginning, the i3 fund, a $650 million pot of cash set aside for competitive grants as part of the ARRA, was intended to be a public-private partnership between the Federal DOE and private philanthropy. The wording of the bill specifically states the i3 grants will only be given out to those able […]

Hey Matt?

Hey Matt, Matt Joseph, do you know what you’re talking about? Seriously. The MD state school board is looking to increase the weight of test scores on teacher and principal evaluations to fifty percent.  First, what does 50% even mean?  So, half is quantitative and half is qualitative: a teacher’s effectiveness (also a vague term) […]

The President Asks for Our Help: We Ask the President to Stop Treating Us Like Idiots

Arne Duncan’s federalized system of bribes called Race to the Top has all sorts of incentives for state education departments. It has incentives to develop constant data surveillance systems for both students and teachers, with tests to decide who gets to graduate, who gets rehired, who gets to move to the next grade, and which […]

Do something

A quick entry here. Download this flyer. Print. Post. Tear off a tab. Do something. On a more serious note, however, why don’t we hear anything about service, civic engagement, equity, and social justice in the conversation about reform? I mean, there’s probably a few snippets here and there, sure enough. But it’s all about […]

New Jersey Students Role Models for Civil Disobedience

New Jersey students exhibit the intensity, determination, and focus that should serve to inspire students nationwide. What 18 year old or what parent will organize a nationwide walkout and boycott of the tests? That will change the political rhetoric overnight. Video from Star Ledger. Newark students walk out of school, take City Hall

Waltons and Broad to DC Schools: No Rhee, No Funding


You might say that the attempted corporate coercion of public institutions has just been kicked up a notch. If DC teachers are stupid enough to approve the contract put together for them by Walmart lawyers with its $65 million in corporate sweetener, then they are stuck with Broom Michelle for as long as the oligarchs […]

Something rotten

Something smells rotten in Michigan and it’s this. Seriously though, it’s not really rotten.  But I do feel uncomfortable with education schools at universities linking to Teach for America, which is what U of Michigan has been doing and the education school will now get a piece of it.  That is apparently something that my […]


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