Across the Pond…Edison Expanding?

From The Times (UK): Business will seek to run state schools after shift in political attitudes Greg Hurst, Education Editor Businesses are looking to revolutionise state education by bidding to run hundreds of schools, as politicians open the door to new education providers. Companies want to create national chains of state schools, eclipsing the current […]

On Intellectually and Psychologically Sterilizing the Working Poor in the Name of Education and for the Benefit of Walmart

A clip from a post at HuffPo by Joel Shatzky: . . . .A number of prominent educators, most notably Diane Ravitch, have warned the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, that the testing mania in the guise of accountability is producing bad schooling and low-quality teaching, but these criticisms seem to fall on deaf ears. […]

Episode 6

Listen to the smooth sounds of the Chalk Face on episode 6. Enjoy. EPISODE 6 MAR 31 2010

ED Blueprint Reactions

Monty Neill posted a good sampling of reactions to the “Blueprint” at ARN: The Forum on Educational ACcountability (FEA), which I chair, submitted its recommendations to the House Ed Comm on Friday; it includes evaluation of the Administration’s ‘blueprint.’ . . . . And FairTest has its summary of these proposals on our website, off […]

A sad story

So, there’s this really tragic case in Massachusetts about a 15 year-old girl who committed suicide after weeks of constant verbal and physical harassment.  You can find several articles about at the Boston Globe. As an aside, I think it’s interesting that the stash of articles is listed for “Moms.”  Granted, they are in many […]

Thank You, Professor McLeroy

Everyone’s favorite wingnut, outgoing Texas SBOE member Don McLeroy, has certainly left his mark on public education in the Lone Star state, but he’s also left us with a digital record of his various wisdoms (particularly in the realm of history, geology, and education philosophy). The video above is from a debate between the dentist […]

Duncan Bribery Turns to Blackmail and Extortion

From Firedoglake: . . . .Race to the Top just announced their first two grant winners, Tennessee and Delaware, yesterday. I hope we can be honest about what this actually represents: blackmail. It forces states to change their education laws to fit particular notions about how to manage public education in America. And it does […]

RIP Jaime Escalante

Here’s an article about it. He probably did not actually say the following, but this is a pretty good line from the movie Stand and Deliver: There will be no free rides, no excuses. You already have two strikes against you: your name and your complexion. Because of those two strikes, there are some people […]

Please, please no more!

I think I may just lose my mind.  A couple of days ago, I lamented the fact that a masculinity conference I’ve attended the last few years seemed to have just a few too many of these boys crisis and men’s rights folks.  During lunch, there was a panel of four presidents of all-male colleges […]

Angry New Orleans Parents Not Nearly So Thankful for Katrina as Duncan

Paul Vallas, the man who taught Arne Duncan everything he doesn’t know about schools, now runs the discriminatory corporate chain gang charters that have replaced public school.s in New Orleans. Parents have seen their children neglected, abused, and pushed out long enough to know that they want their schools back. From the Times-Picayune: A crowd […]

My favorite reads…

… just kidding. Seriously, though, saw this today about some very creepy children’s books. It’s worth a laugh or two.  You know, the first one listed, you can easily find on Amazon and for the low price of $999.  Wait, what?  Why does that happen, anyway?  I see this every so often: some sellers have […]

Cliffside, NJ Students Walk Out to Protest Teacher Cuts

From The 45-minute protest by hundreds of students included some stinging criticism of Governor Christie’s plan to slash state education aid as part of his attempt to balance the upcoming state budget. “Right now, he’s creating a fence around our future,” said 17-year-old senior Barbara Hernandez of Fairview, who called the aid cuts misguided. […]

And the Winners Are . . . The Test Scores

With the first round of bribes being announced today in Duncan’s Race to the Trough, it is now apparent that destroying the teaching profession is even more important to the Business Roundtable than containing, segregating, and psychologically neutering the poor in penal pedagogy charter schools. And so it is today that Duncan’s classic behavior mod […]

March blandness

I don’t know if blandness really is the opposite of “madness.” But, I don’t follow college basketball, and I mean not at all. Nothing annoys me more than talking about sports. Don’t get me wrong: I love playing them. I used to play tackle football with a good group of friends in high school. No […]

Return to work

Came home from the American Men’s Studies Association conference in Atlanta this weekend. Over the last three years, it’s been a good forum for the work I’ve done on the lack of men in education. Additionally, I got to have a private lunch with Australian gender theorist Raewyn Connell at one meeting in North Carolina. […]


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