Episode 2

Episode 2 for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!

Lighting Their Fires: a Book Review

Below is my short review of Lighting Their Fires: Raising Extraordinary Kids in a Mixed-up, Muddled-up, Shook-up World, by LAUSD teacher Rafe Esquith. Rafe is a well-known teacher, but I was not drawn to his book based on his accolades. I was drawn to his work because other people in the education world have claimed […]

Punk Rawk


This funny image I found today made me think about a few years back, very early in graduate school, I worked on a project for a class trying to establish connections between curriculum and punk rock, which I still listen to and will always hold a special, albeit loud, place in my heart.  I read […]


All right, now we can get things started here.  Most of my posts previous have been me playing around, trying to get a feel for this whole blogging thing.  For some reason, it feels so, how should I say, narcissistic?  I got some advice a while back about this whole podcast venture, and it was […]

Virginia’s McDonnell Ready to Use State Power to Infuse Segregated Charter Schools

With only three charters opened in the last 12 years, the citizens of Virginia have demonstrated that they do not want charter schools. Governor McDonnell (R), however, sees things differently, and he is apparently willing to shelve his campaign lies about local control long enough to push his segregated corporate charter agenda down the throats […]

White Hat Not Renewed in Florida


David Brennan and his White Hat charter management company recently had a charter oversight board decide not to renew one of their schools in Florida, and the shenanigans of the Life Skills Center East are truly shocking. You can check off a laundry list of violations the school has racked up, including, but not limited […]

We’re # 1

// From the NYTimes: WASHINGTON — President Obama kicked off a drive Monday to upgrade American education, unveiling a plan requiring states to adopt new reading and mathematics standards and committing his administration to “breaking down some of the barriers to reform.” Meeting with the nation’s governors at the White House, Mr. Obama stressed the […]

Rhee Uses DCPS Employees to Recruit Friendly Testimony

When you are as popular as the Wicked Witch of the West, it makes a village, or at least a central office, to lasso any support among teachers, staff, or the general public. Now Rhee is using public dollars in an effort to garner enough support to save her own wickedness. From Bill Turque: School […]

Moskowitz & Klein; Millot’s Final

Be sure to check out Juan Gonzalez’s piece in today’s New York Daily News, which details the relationship between the charter mega-b**ch and Chancellor Klein. Also, don’t miss the 77 pages of e-mails between the two, which includes a nice “thank you” note from Eva to Klein for helping her line up a $1 million […]

Driving Schools into the Ground, One Charter at a Time

Despite all the talk about accountability and the relentless assault of the public school system by charter advocates and their wealthy funders, real oversight of charter schools is 1) severely lacking and 2) doesn’t have any real power to regulate these private versions of public schools. Let me introduce you to Chase Academy for Communication […]

Duncan Advocates Segregated Total Compliance While Giving Lip Service to Control "Restraint and Seclusion"

The hundreds of millions of vulture capital dollars that have gone into the development of the KIPP empire have yielded a much more substantial result than just the few dozen total compliance cults spread across the wide span of U.S. media markets. These segregated cadillacs of child penal pedagogy have inspired a near universal acceptance […]

The Central Falls, RI Turnaround: Fire All the Teachers

The most constant and reliable predictor of standardized test scores is the income level of student families. Central Falls, RI has lots of families in poverty, almost 3 times the state average (30.1% compared to 12%). The percentage of families with income below 50% of poverty is more than twice the state average (12.5 to […]

Entertainment Properties: Excited About Charter Profits

Entertainment Properties, a public real estate investment trust, is seeing profits on the rise these days thanks to a booming movie industry (thanks, Avatar) and the expanding charter school market. EP owns 27 schools run by Dennis Bakke and the Imagine Schools, and you can be mighty sure EP will continue expanding into the charter […]

Constant Surveillance at Lower Merion School District

From HuffPo: It’s a story that won’t go away. Last week the family of 15-year-old Blake Robbins filed a lawsuit against Lower Merion School District near Philadelphia, alleging that the school district activated the Webcam in the student’s school-issued MacBook to photograph him in his own home. The school district admitted that it did have […]

Young Conservative Loves Obama Education Agenda, RttT, Merit Pay

Jonathan Krohn, the 14 year old wunderkid of the conservative/Tea Party movement, spoke to progressive radio host, Thom Hartmann, after absorbing the scene at the recent CPAC gathering. You can skip to the 3:25 mark of the video to hear Jonathan “give credit where credit is due” – in this case, Krohn thinks our “socialist” […]


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